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Plant and Tree Health Services

A Touch Of Class Tree Service, Denver Colorado


A Touch of Class Tree Service provides the Denver metro area and all the surrounding communities with professional plant health services. Our tree health care specialist have the knowledge and experience to properly maintain and fertilize your trees throughout Colorado’s growing season.


Tree Fertilization:

Trees should be fertilized two times a year. When trees are in periods of active growth and blooming cycles their nutrient requirements increase. If your trees do not have proper nutrient levels growth can be stunted, blooming reduced and overall tree vigor can suffer. To ensure your trees receive the proper nutrient levels at all times we offer a fertilization program devised to meet all of your tree's nutrient requirements while at a low relative cost.


Pest Management:

Early detection of tree diseases also is important, especially in ornamental trees  where small amounts of damage can have serious effects on tree beauty. Good pest management incorporates many techniques and strategies such as monitoring, record keeping, early detection, identification, and diagnosis followed by appropriate treatments.


Mountain Pine Beetles:

Mountain pine beetles (MPB) are the most important insect pest of Colorado's pine forests. MPB often kill large numbers of trees annually during outbreaks. Trees that are not growing vigorously due to old age, crowding, poor growing conditions, drought, fire or mechanical damage, root disease and other causes are most likely to be attacked - Learn more about Mountain Pine Beetles MPB here:


Emerald Ash Borer:

The Emerald Ash Borer is relatively new to the state of Colorado but it's a beetle that is most concerning to city and state of Colorado Agriculture Officials.  The Emerald Ash Borer is to Ash Trees what the Mountain Pine Beetles are to the pine trees in the Rocky Mountain Region, total devastation. If you suspect your Ash trees my be infested with these bugs you need the help of a professional tree service company and A Touch Of Class Tree Service can help you.  The Denver Post Article about the discovery of the Emerald Ash Borer shares more insight on the bug, just click to read it now. We also have a PDF document about the Emerald Ash Borer that explains in great detail the circumstances surrounding the invasion of the Ash Tree urban tree population here in Colorado, click here.


Elm Bark Beetle:

Elm leaf beetles can be serious pests of elm throughout Colorado. The insects feed on elm leaves and cause them to dry up and die. Heavily infested leaves die and give trees an unsightly, general brown color. Repeated injuries also weaken trees and make them prone to branch die back and wind injury. Elm leaf beetles favor Siberian elms, but all elm species may be damaged during beetle outbreaks.


Elm leaf beetles do not transmit Dutch elm disease. This serious disease of American elm is spread by another insect, the European elm bark beetle.


Elm leaf beetles also are common nuisance pests in houses. Large numbers of beetles may seek overwintering shelter in and around homes. Masses of beetles become active in late winter and spring and can be found crawling on windows and furnishings. Although elm leaf beetles do not reproduce indoors, their presence often causes concern.


Soil Injections:

Our treatments always take the surrounding environment into consideration.  Whenever possible, we use soil or sometimes trunk injections to avoid foliar sprays. Soil injection is economical because one treatment usually lasts the entire season.


Tree Watering:

Due to the semi-arid conditions in which we live, trees do not water deeply enough to accommodate the needs of our trees. Rule of thumb: Water all established trees and shrubs deeply every four weeks when conditions are dry and mild. This is especially true in the fall and winter.


Products and Safety:

We always use the safest, most effective products available. All products are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) and approved by the Colorado State Agricultural Department. These may include horticultural oils, insecticidal soap, and natural biologicals.